The Committees2018-01-28T23:48:21+00:00

UNWTO – World Tourism Organization

Difficulty: beginner

This committee is especially important at SIHMUN because we at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, are all about hospitality. The UNWTO agency is responsible for promoting universally accessible tourism and its sustainable development.

ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council

Difficulty: intermediate

The Economic and Social committee of the United Nations stands to promote economic and social sustainability worldwide. Its primary responsibility is to negotiate and bring about solutions that have been highlighted in the Millennium Development Goals in improving environmental sustainability and social development.

UNHRC – United Nations Human Rights Council

Difficulty: intermediate

The United Nations Human Rights Council works to protect human rights worldwide. Though the official UNHRP elects 47 member states for 3-year terms, SIHMUN will have 20 delegates representing nations to discuss present issues regarding human rights.

SC – Security Council

Difficulty: advanced

The United Nations Security Council is made up of 14 nations, of which 5 have permanent seats, and the remaining 9 are elected on an annual or biannual basis. Their primary role is to ensure international peace and security. China, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France are the permanent members and have veto power throughout sessions.