1) I do not study business or hospitality, may I sign up?

Our conference is directed to students who study hospitality and business, however any college student is welcome to join and collaborate with us to make this conference even more challenging and interesting.

2) What requirements do I need to fulfil, to attend SIHMUN?

In order to sign up to our conference you must be a college student and 18 or older. You must want to learn, have fun and meet amazing people from around the world.

3) Do we register as a team or as an individual?

You can sign up both as an individual or as a team. If you wish to have more information about the latter, please contact us and we will see with you individually.

4) What is included in the ticket price?

We provide a variety of tickets so that you can choose the one that best fulfills your needs. You can see for information in the link below

Ticket Prices

5) What is the housing situation like?

The students will be welcomed in double rooms (preferences will be considered, please write it in the message when you register) in the Aquatis Hotel in Lausanne, from Monday February 4th 2017 to Saturday February 9th 2019.

6) Can we bring faculty members or supervisors along with our group of students?

Of course, we are more than happy to welcome faculty and supervisors with the group of students. They will be charged CHF 490.- for the full package (please see price table for additional details)

7) Will the NMUN Rules of Procedure be followed at SIHMUN?

Yes, we will be following the official NMUN Rules of Procedure.