Massively exceeded expectations!

Marina Campbell

The discovery of a fantastical hospitality conference. I never had such amazing lunches, dinners and coffee breaks in any other MUNs!

Raphaël Dunant

Memorable! 🙂

Myriam Rigoreau-Belayachi

It was a really fun and rewarding week! 😉

Tabea Kappeler

Unforgettable, enjoyable, meaningful & successful!

Sonja Roethlisberger

Working for SIHMUN has been with no doubt the highlight of my winter holidays. Networking with all the delegates and speakers was an opportunity not to be missed!

Roberto Marcone


Manan Nanda

The first SIHMUN conference was thrilling, challenging, yet thought-provoking! I will always remember the fond memories I made with the delegates at SIHMUN.

Calvin Susanto


Marwan El Chazli

One of a kind!


Super interesting!




Truly remarkable! I will never forget these amazing 5 days!


A great learning experience! Oftentimes loved to work on SIHMUN stuff so much more than any type of homework. It was great training to never give up but always look for solutions.

Martina Schiess