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4th – 9th February

Welcome to SIHMUN

The Swiss International Hospitality Model United Nations Conference is a five-day conference whose second edition will be held from February 4th to 9th 2019 in the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, just minutes away from the humanitarian hub of the world – Geneva.
100 students from the top universities around the world will take the role of UN Ambassadors and debate about different political, economic, or social topics which will be regrouped under the overall theme of hospitality.
In addition, the participants will be offered a variety of activities such as museum visits, bar hopping, cozy dinners, a cultural trip to discover the wonders of Switzerland, and an end-of-week gala dinner. Finally, the conference will also host brilliant and inspiring speakers to share their experiences and life lessons.
Prestige, unmatched Swiss standards, life-changing connections and much more …
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Mission & CSR

Our Mission

Founded in 2016, SIHMUN is a destination for students from all around the world to achieve international co-operation in solving global problems of an economic, social, or cultural character focusing on the increasing Hospitality & Tourism industry. We took the initiative to promote respect for fundamental freedom for all without distinction as to race or gender and address the issues and opportunities to conserve the environment. With sustainable tourism we support the local communities at every destination and display openness to create lasting relationships with everyone around us. We engage to create knowledge and solutions where passion and purpose come together.

Our Vision

To build a thriving community of global and young collaborators, who’s mission is to create worldwide awareness of the issues and opportunities of the Hospitality & Tourism industry and who are engaged in leading the change of tomorrow for all future generations.